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The philosophy of education at Hinkletown Mennonite School reflects two major considerations. First, we view what we do as one part of a child's life under the larger plan of God's Kingdom on earth. Therefore, in every part of our planning, motivation, and actions, we view ourselves and the children as part of God's plan and purpose. Second, we believe we have the responsibility to provide an education that will help children acquire values and skills that will make their lives full and purposeful, ultimately leading to a commitment to Christ and service in His Kingdom.

The curriculum is based on the belief that each child has developmental needs that must be considered in planning for his/her learning: i.e. learning in orderly sequences, moving from concrete to abstract, building on what is already learned. Because God has planted in each child the desire to learn and a curiosity about his/her environment, we place high value on students' active involvement in the learning process.

Curriculum development and evaluation is done in a four-year cycle to insure that our planned programs and instructional materials are up-to-date. The four core curriculum areas are rotated through this cycle along with the additional curriculum areas. Teachers play a key role in this evaluation process under the direction of the HMS curriculum coordinator.