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Investing in Treasures/Shaping Lives

Investing in Treasures/Shaping Lives capital campaign has been completed and funded!  

We are so grateful for the community that came together to make this possible for the HMS students!  


The construction was divided into two phases in order to bring more flexibility to the project time-line.

Phase One included completion of 20,000 square foot building expansion, finishing of welcoming entrance, new administration offices, and seven new classrooms.  This construction was completed in September of 2009.  We give thanks to God for his faithfulness and for the many people who stepped forward to make this dream a reality.

Phase Two included finishing a new 1,200 square foot library and five new classrooms on second floor of the building expansion.


The Building Plan

The most important goal of those responsible for developing the building plan was to provide facilities and resources needed to enable  a child-centered education that meets the needs of our students.   Our goal is for the new school building to nurture a sense of school community and to further enhance student learning by allowing for adequate space and technology, more scheduling flexibility, and more options for expanding the creative and quality educational instruction.

Building Design

We want the school to be a welcoming place for the entire school and community, including children, parents, staff, and visitors.


Classrooms for grades one through eight  Several classrooms were part of the new addition. The classrooms are large enough  to allow for active learning.   A fully-finished science lab was added with plenty of storage space.

Computer lab The new plan will make room for a separate computer lab that will allow for more scheduling.

Art room  Students in grade one through grade eight have art instruction once a week.  A large room with plenty of workspace and storage space is a necessity. 

Music room Kindergarten through grade eight students receive music instruction twice a week.  Hinkletown Mennonite School has a middle school choir and provides individual instrumental instruction.    

Library Media Center   The Library Media Center is an important hub for students at HMS. In 1999, the media center was automated and connected with more Internet capabilities.  The new location for the media center is large enough to accommodate the different activities such as checking out books, conducting library information skills classes, and doing research for class papers.  The media center is large enough to provide space for several groups to do instruction and/or research activities at the same time. The renovation will also allow for more shelf space for an ever-increasing number of books.

� Administrative Offices The administrative offices have been consolidated in a new area of the old building next to the new entrance. The new area includes offices for office and administrative staff along with a staff workroom and student health room.    

the principal, receptionist and bookkeeper


School Grounds Improvements

Parking lot

The parking lot has been improved to include more parking for cars and buses, as the present space is not adequate for parking on a day-to-day basis and especially for evening programs.

Soccer/Softball fields

The fields have been graded to provide level and standard playing fields.  Soccer, baseball, and softball teams share the current field.