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Operating Fund

Dear Friends of HMS,

In all parts of life, we consider the investment we are making.  We consider how we invest our time and energy—in jobs, in our families, in our congregations, in our neighborhoods. We consider how we invest our money—what we spend, what we save and what we give. 

And so much of the “return on investment” that we desire from our investments of time, energy and resources is not monetary.  Our return is family unity or growth, our return is seeing God work in lives that we touch, our return is someone else’s benefit rather than our own. 

Your gift to Hinkletown Mennonite School (HMS) is an investment in the future of God’s kingdom. Through your gifts we are educating minds and shaping hearts based on God’s truth—preparing students to embrace their faith as they mature and challenging them to Christian discipleship throughout their life. 

Here are some of the dividends your investments are bearing: 

❖ “I am learning about God and Jesus at my school. It was on the bus that I asked Jesus into my heart.
That’s what I love about this school.” Grace, Grade 4
❖ “I gained a biblical foundation for life…. all the positive and life forming memories I have from HMS are
testimony to the impact that it has had in my life.” HMS Alumnus David Fry, Youth Pastor at Ephrata
Mennonite Church
❖ “I am grateful I can learn about God here and know how much God loves me.” Joy, Grade 3
❖ “I am so happy to go to a Christian school because you get to learn more about Jesus and you don’t have to
hide that you’re a Christian and it’s the best at Hinkletown Mennonite School. I’m so happy to be here.”
Max, Grade 4

At HMS we partner with families, grandparents, churches, businesses, and members of the community to fulfill our
mission. Your involvement and support are essential to the continued nurturing of students entrusted in our
care. Thank you for this active partnership!
Financial contributions are needed now more than ever, as the cost of quality Christian education is not fully
covered by tuition revenue. Will you consider an investment in the important mission of HMS? It is an investment
in young minds and hearts, which through God’s grace may bear many dividends!

To partner with HMS and invest in the future through HMS Operations Fund, contact Dawn Landes, Administrator, at or 717-354-7100.