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The purpose of the intramural sports at HMS is to provide opportunity for further skill development, playing time, and for social interaction among students.  Students play for the personal enjoyment of a sport on a voluntary basis.  Scheduling and selection of teams is designed to create a balance between teams.
The objectives include the following:
1)    To have a significant amount of playing time
2)    To continue skill development taught in physical education classes
3)    To work together as a team to develop skills of cooperation and teamwork

The Intramural Program is scheduled during the school day. A variety of sports are offered, such as soccer, floor hockey, touch football, basketball, volleyball, dodge ball and softball.

The interscholastic sports program is designed for students with the interest and/or ability to play on a team representing the school.  Physical performance, leadership, teamwork and friendship are important aspects in our interscholastic sports program. Each must be given full attention during times of practice and competition. Students are trained in knowledge of the game rules, honesty, sportsmanship, kindness, respect to authority, cooperation and acceptance of defeat as well as humility in victory.

Priority is given to sixth, seventh and eighth grade students.  If additional players are needed the fifth graders may then participate. It should be expected that any student (regardless of skill achievement) wishing to participate on a team should be allowed to do so.

It should be equally recognized that a student with a high skill level should be given additional opportunity for responsibility, performance and development.  Additional playtime by the high skilled athlete is in keeping with kingdom principles, life and other student involvement in art, music, reading, and academic studies.

HMS interscholastic athletes must meet the conduct, attitudes and guidelines regulating our sports program to be eligible to play.  Students need to have signed parental permission forms and complete one health form for the year in order to participate. A fee is set for each sport a student participates in.

Interscholastic Sports’ Calendar
•    Fall             Boys:  soccer          Girls: volleyball       Boys & Girls: Cross Country
•    Winter        Boys: basketball      Girls: basketball
•    Spring        Boys:  volleyball      Girls: soccer           Boys & Girls: Track & Field

The length of each playing season is approximately three months, with a maximum of ten to twelve games per sport.  The practice schedule is determined by the coach.

Athletic uniforms are provided by the school.