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Fine Arts

The fine arts are considered to be an important part of educating the whole child at Hinkletown.  Students receive 40 minutes to an hour of instruction in art classes once a week and music classes are held twice a week for 30-40 minutes each.  Opportunities are given for students to receive private instrumental lessons as well as performing in vocal choirs.  Specific information about the curriculum in the arts can be found in the academics link.

Upper elementary and middle school students are given the opportunity to perform in drama presentations.  The elementary students provide a one act drama in the Christmas production and the middle school students give a formal drama performance at the end of February, often focusing on classic children's stories.

HMS celebrates writing through a Young Authors Week, with an emphasis on creative writing and an opportunity to learn from published authors.  Writers' Teas are held in classrooms and in whole school celebrations as well.

In the spring middle school students participate in several regional music festivals through Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the Mennonite Schools Council. HMS also holds its own Fine Arts Festival in May where student artwork is displayed, original writings are shared, and musical pieces are performed.