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We chose HMS because we wanted our children to learn the same things in school that we taught them at home-to be compassionate and caring in following Jesus' example for us.  We also wanted them to have teachers that could hug them, pray with them and teach them the truth that is found in the Bible.  The teachers and staff at HMS are wonderful-they truly care about each child and take the time to get to know them as individuals.  Because the classes are smaller in size than most schools, we feel our children got the attention and help they need in all areas of life.  We feel our children received both a great education and also learned life's most valuable lesson, that our lives are about relationships.  We are very thankful for HMS and for the support it gave our family as our children grew.

- Andrew and Karen Horning, former patrons

Snader family

We all know that school is not just a building, but that learning comes from the influence of everything around us.  When a teacher is given freedom to apply spiritual truths to day-to-day experiences, we feel that makes a difference.  Each of our girls’ teachers has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help them reach their full potential.

- Jeff and Gwen Snader, former patrons


What a wonderful blessing HMS has been to our family.  HMS helped shape and mold our children into the perfect path the Lord had for them.  We have the most wonderful momories of all of our experiences here.

- Tony and Denise Fry, former patrons

I always appreciated HMS.  Our children went there K- 8th grade.  HMS was what helped shape their character in the early years of their lives.  They had great teachers and friends at HMS.

- Carol Martin, former patron

David and Hollie Fry


I gained a biblical foundation for life…. all the positive and life forming memories I have from HMS are testimony to the impact that it has had in my life.

- HMS Alumnus David Fry, Youth Pastor

It is both a privilege and blessing to teach at HMS.  I had not expected to teach in a private school.  However, in order to obtain my teaching certification I had to fulfill the requirement of a private Christian school.  Through my student teaching experience, I fell in love with HMS and never left.  What a blessing to be able to talk about God and incorporate his word into lessons.  I was impressed and continue to be so with how the administration prioritizes finances for the betterment of the student.  We have a wonderful library and up to date curriculum and technology.  The staff and patron body are one large family, always looking out for each other and most importantly, the children.  I feel so fortunate to be part of this wonderful family. I do not go to work; I go to school.

- Anette Raiser, 4th grade teacher