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Accreditation and Membership


HMS Accreditation Overview
HMS has been an accredited school since 1992. What does that mean?

"...accreditation is a process, not a status. It is a statement (backed by a certified accreditation organization) that a school is what it says it is. Accreditation is not a blue-ribbon status, or a prize to be won and displayed on a shelf; rather, it is a school's on-going commitment to constantly seek new ways to better serve the population of its school community." (Commission on Elementary Education-Middle States Association)

HMS is currently accredited by AdvancED and Mennonite Education Agency (MEA).  Both organizations uphold high standards for quality private education and organizational integrity.  MEA specifically monitors the ways we remain Christ-centered and integrate our Anabaptist values.  Every six years accredited schools must renew their accreditation status.  In order to earn a renewal, the faculty and school board lead a year-long internal review of all aspects of leadership, organizational structure and programming and submit a report and school improvement plan.  An external visiting team of educators come observe the school, review the documents and make a recommendation for renewal based on its evaluation.  Accredited schools need to be dynamic learning communities that are constantly looking for better ways to meet the needs of their students and families.  The review process ensures a commitment to quality and accountability.