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Learning Support Class Page

Welcome to Learning Support at HMS 2015-16

(All information on this page applies to students enrolled in the HMS Learning Support Program.)
Looking for more help?  Check out my Wikispace page for more information about students who learn differently, school district information, plus local and internet resources.



Websites to practice Math Facts:

For addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division fact practice go to the Learning Links Web Page.

For multiplication practice, in video game form, go to The following three games use flashcards to practice multiplication. Quickflash, Quickflash II, Fun Flash

For creative fact practice options and printable BINGO board see the attachment at the bottom of this page.





Homework, Test Preparation, and Organization Skills in Middle School Flex

See Middle School Teacher's Class Pages for assignments.

INDEPENDENT READING- Be sure to log all your reading on your independent reading logs! The middle of the 3rd Trimester is coming up on April 19, 2016  Keep working on your goal!

If you have modifications to your independent reading, check out the chart below for your contracted grade.  If you are not sure if you have modifications, contact Mrs. Fry.

Contracted Grade Pages Read Time Spent Reading
A 525 pages 17.5 hours (1050min)
B 450 pages 15 hours (900min)
C 375 pages 12.5 hours (750min)
D 300 pages 10 hours (600min)




1.  Khan Acadamy is a great resource to continue math at home.  They have hundreds of videos about all kinds of math topics.  Just type in the section heading from the homework (i.e. Adding and Subtracting Negative Numbers) to do practice problems, watch a video, or get some help.  

2.  Feel free to contact me either by phone or e-mail to answer questions about any math homework.  



Mrs. Fry's FLEX Incentive Program - When students fill out their planners correctly each day, they may move a marble from one jar to another. Each student may also earn a marble when they go a week without a FLEX alert or getting a 100% on both the spelling AND vocabulary tests. When the students have filled the jar, we will have a game day during FLEX.



Why do teachers give students homework?"Homework is an opportunity for students to learn and for parents to be involved in their children's education. A parent's interest can spark enthusiasm in a child and help teach the most important lesson of all--that learning can be fun and is well worth the effort." (taken from Helping Your Child With Homework by Nancy Paulu.) This is a great Website to explore different ways to help your student(s) with homework.



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