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Does HMS participate in the ExtraOrdinary Give?

- Jody Fausnight, HMS Director of Advancement

Many friends of HMS have asked about special giving opportunities through the Lancaster County Community Foundations's (LCCF's) ExtraOrdinary Give program. We have researched this option for HMS and the criteria to participate include a level of financial reporting not currently required by the PA Bureau of Charities for Christian schools. Meeting that criteria is more costly for us at this time. 

Our board treasurer ensures that a compiled financial statement is completed annually by an independent accounting firm, Simon Lever, LLC, in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles. Our assessment is that participation in the LCCF program would not necessarily offset the additional costs incurred in meeting their criteria. Therefore we will not be listed as a charity on the ExtraOrdinary Give list this year. 

We still encourage you to remember HMS along with your church and other charities that matter to you and your family as you prayerfully consider year-end giving. Gifts directed to Hinkletown Mennonite School, a 501(c)3 organization, are tax deductible and thoughtfully applied every day of the year. 

Feel free to contact Jody Fausnight, HMS Director of Advancement ( or 717-354-7100)  should you have any concerns regarding the financial standing of the school or questions about any extra giving opportunities during the final quarter of the year. 


Why Support HMS?

HMS is a place where children are empowered through a Christ-centered education. It is where children explore, parents participate and teachers nurture. Students are given the opportunity to discover and develop their God-given gifts in a nurturing Christian learning community. HMS prepares students to go on to excel in high school at both the public and private level. However, none of these things can happen without the ongoing support and generous donations to our Operating Fund.

HMS has held to the firm belief that Christian education should be available and affordable to everyone; therefore the board of Trustees does its best each year to keep tuition increases in check. Tuition alone only covers 65% of what it actually cost HMS to educate and equip the students entrusted to its walls each day. HMS’ operating budget is structured around over $75,000 in donations from generous community donors, grandparents, alumni and patron families themselves.

By giving to the Operating Fund you are honoring past HMS students who are living out their faith in their communities. You are blessing the current HMS students who are being shaped and molded to be followers of Jesus. You bless future HMS students, this is sometimes the hardest way to give sacrificially, but investing in the future of our youth is one of the most important investments we can make.

At HMS we are committed to teaching our students reading and writing but also what it means to be a follower of Jesus from an Anabaptist perspective. We invite you to be a part of this rewarding journey with us. This is a journey that will change generations and draw them to the heart of God.

For more information about the many ways to support HMS, contact Jody Fausnight, HMS Director of Advancement at or by calling 717-354-7100 x1005.