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International Volunteer Exchange Program


In 1982, HMS participated for the first time in the International Volunteer Exchange Program (IVEP).  Every year since then, except 2007-08 when a volunteer was denied a visa, HMS has been privileged to have someone from another country on staff.  Representatives from 18 different countries have enhanced student learning by sharing with the school community and teaching students about their home.

The IVEP program is a vocational and cultural exchange program of Mennonite Central Committee (MCC).  Young adults ages 18-30 commit to spending one year in the US working in an area related to their professional interest and experience.

At HMS, IVEP volunteers work as teacher aides or library assistants and teach each grade level about their country.  Students learn the language, games, songs, cultural information and sample foods from each country represented.

Encouraging students to be reflective, caring and responsible servants for Christ in the global community is part of the vision of HMS.  Interaction with IVEP participants help students fulfill this vision and creates a personal connection between classroom learning and everyday life.

Patron families host the IVEP teachers during their time of service at HMS.  the IVEP volunteers generally divide the year between two host families, moving residences around the Christmas holiday.  With two host families, volunteers have the opportunity to experience different traditions and family experiences as well as allowing two families to be enriched through this relationship. 

Host families have been enthusiastic about their experiences with IVEP volunteers: 

  "We have enjoyed learning about Zambian culture and foods.  Our children absolutely love hanging out with Miss Jean."

"Hosting Anna was a wonderful experience for our family.  The children quickly warmed up to her and now have a greater appreciation for Chinese people and their culture." 

"From Miriam we learned Paraguayan history and geography.  We laughed and cried together.  We love another (member) in God's great universe."

Host families will receive a monthly stipend to cover expenses.  For more information, contact the school office at 717-354-7100 or  You can also read more about hosting at

HMS IVEP MissWulan 2013-14_0.JPGAt left:  Miss Wulan, from Indonesia, reads to a pre-k student.  Mr. Wally 

Below: Mr. Wally, from Indonesia, works with a small group of second graders as they read. 



Ms. Zuther

Above:  Miss Zuther teaches kindergartners color words in Spanish.  Miss Zuther is from Argentina.


HMS International Volunteer (IVEP) 2016-17

We welcome Miss Irene Irawati, from Indonesia, to the HMS community as our international volunteer with Mennonite Central Committee's International Volunteer Exchange Program (IVEP). A 2015 graduate of Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary with a degree in Holistic Child Development, Miss Irene is working primarily in the Pre-K classroom and the library. In October, she will begin teaching all students about her country, Indonesia. 

Miss Irene (As the pre-k students call her) comes from the city of Semarang on the island of Java, one of Indoneisa's 17,000 islands. She and her family are members of JKI (Christian Congregation in Indonesia) Injil Kerajaan, one of the Mennonite churches in Indonesia. 

Miss Irene is very interested in writing, photography, and hiking. While here at HMS, she is being hosted by Dave & Janina Knowles and is enjoying getting to know their family. A new food she is enjoying is shepherd's pie! 

Miss Irene Irawati from Indonesia


Each year we ask for two families who are interested in sharing their home with our IVEP teacher for the following school year.  In general, one family would host from late August through December and the other from January through the end of the school year. Host families are provided with a monthly stipend to help cover expenses related to having an additional family member. 

Why should you consider being a host family? You get the opportunity to learn a new culture within the comfort of your own home! Your children would get a new “big sister or brother”.  You will find yourself examining our own culture as you explain our ways to our guest.  

If your family would be interested in this opportunity for service and enrichment, please contact the the IVEP committee through the school office at 717-354-7100 or

Anne with Hursts_0.jpg

Miss Anne from Germany 
with two of her host "sisters".

Hinkletown Mennonite School IVEP List

1.    1982-83 – Esther Notoharjo– Indonesia  (Miss Esther)
2.    1983-84 – Augustine Das - India
3.    1984-85 – Tabitha Thomas – India
4.    1985-86 – Angelica Acosta - Paraguay
5.    1986-87 – Dietland Funck - Germany
6.    1987-88 – Valerie Funkhauser - Switzerland
7.    1988-89 – Marianne Hiltbrunner – Switzerland
8.    1989-90 – Martha Sriwahyuni – Indonesia  (Miss Martha)
9.    1990-91 – Hamilton Correa - Brazil
10.    1991-92 –  Maralina Alfonso - Paraguay
11.    1992-93 - Joel Ngarama - Kenya
12.    1993-94 – Nancy Barsoum – Egypt
13.    1994-95 – Americo Neves - Brazil
14.    1995-96 – Patti Hlabangana - Zimbabwe
15.    1996-97 –Delbert Lwano – Zaire (Congo)
16.    1997-98 – Silvana Ferro - Argentina
17.    1998-99 – Samwel Changuru - Tanzania
18.    1999-00 – Nipa Janij - Thailand
19.    2000-01 – Veronika Zvonarova – Czech Republic  (Miss Veronika)
20.    2001-02 – Bounmy Souvannalath - Laos
21.    2002-03 – Mapenzi Mwaanga - Zambia
22.    2003-04 – Zulma Hidalgo – Bolivia
23.    2004-05 – Mirtha Avarez – Bolivia
24.    2005-06 – Yohana Kanath – Indonesia
25.    2006-07 _ Mirian Espinola – Paraguay
26.    2007-08 – Our volunteer did not receive their visa.  We did not have an IVEP teacher.
27.    2008-09 – Maikel Wally – Indonesia, Solange Zuther – Argentina 
28.    2009-10 – Anna Wang – China
29.    2010-11 - Jean Munkombwe - Zambia
30.    2011-12 - Yeoreum Song - South Korea
31.    2012-13 - Anne Klaassen - Germany
32.    2013-14 - Endah Wulandari - Indonesia
33.    2014-15 - Our volunteer did not receive her visa. We did not have an IVEP teacher on campus. 
34.    2015-16 - Shabani Mshana - Tanzania 
35.    2016-17 - Irene Irawati - Indonesia